Meet Dr. Ray Besharati

Helping People through Gentle Dentistry

My patients place their trust in me, to provide them with gentle care that improves their oral health and smile. I take that responsibility seriously and strive to exceed their expectations. Dentistry is not only about caring for teeth: it’s about strengthening someone’s dental health and, in turn, helping their body become healthier.
As a dentist, I have the ability to relieve a patient of dental pain, improving their quality of life. I can also restore function, allowing a person to comfortably eat. And I can make someone’s smile even more beautiful, increasing their self-esteem and confidence.

My staff and I work hard to establish a partnership with each patient. We cannot make a lasting change in a person’s oral health without their participation. By focusing on education, preventive care, and offering plenty of support and encouragement, we help patients develop and keep a healthy smile.

My Team

My team is part of my family. Each person has been chosen following a rigorous training and selection. We work exceedingly well together and those connections are reflected in how we care for patients. We’re good humored and good natured, with a down-to-earth approach.

Education and Continuing Education

My Doctorate of Dental Surgery was awarded at Azad University. I then earned my Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the prestigious Tufts University School of Dentistry, in Boston. I’m a firm believer in continuing education, constantly expanding my skills and knowledge.
Oral healthcare is an evolving field. New technologies, materials, and techniques all mean a better treatment experience and stronger results for my patients. By completing continuing education courses, and attending lectures, seminars, and meetings, I ensure I remain at dentistry’s leading-edge.

Professional Memberships

·         American Dental Association
·         Academy of General Dentistry
·         Washington State Dental Association

Personal Life

Outside the office, my family is number one. My wife, who’s a pediatric dentist, and I live in Redmond with our daughter, Ava. Quality time with them is my priority when I’m not caring for my patients. I especially enjoy sharing my love of photography with my daughter in her afterschool activities. I also enjoy practicing Kyokushin Karate and Yoga. My favorite hobby continues to be dentistry. I truly love this profession and feel that I was destined to be here. In school, my favorite subject was science. In the 7th grade, after a visit to my dentist (for some fillings), I decided that dentistry was a perfect blend of art, building and science. I decided right then to become a dentist and have never wavered.